Deciding what to wear to your engagement photo shoot can be a fun endeavor, but it can also feel like a lot of pressure. As a professional wedding and engagement photographer, I provide these tried and true tips to my couples. It gives them confidence, comfort and contributes to amazing images that they will love forever.

#1- Consider location

Always think about the location that you are going. You wouldn’t go hiking in heels any other day of the week, so let’s not start now. You want to be comfortable and look natural in your environment. If heels are your signature look, then consider bringing a pair of comfortable shoes to get you to and from the shoot location. Shoes are key, but other aspects of your outfit should follow this rule as well. Dressing overly formal might look out of place during a mid-day shoot on a hiking trail compared to a golden hour shoot in an urban setting. A good rule of thumb is to consider what you would wear if you were going on a date to that location and you weren't being followed by a camera the whole time! Whatever outfit that is, start there and you are already on a great start!

#2 - Don't over think it

Wear something that you would normally wear on a date to that location. If you don’t like wearing dresses then there is no reason to! Be yourself and stick to your style that you are known for. Your images will look the most amazing when you allow yourself to be yourself. Creating a polished and sophisticated look can be done in many ways outside of just the style of your clothing, so don't put too much pressure on yourself! If you want to elevate your style compared to your norm, then I recommend Pinterest for inspiration. A word of caution though if you want to purchase a new outfit for the shoot: Always test out the outfit beforehand. Ensuring that you love how you look, that everything fits properly, and that you feel like yourself is key. If you buy something new, give yourself a week to try out the outfit before your engagement session.

#3 - think "solid colors"

Go for a solid base. Solid colors translate best in photos whereas prints can be distracting. If you have to wear print, make sure it is more subtle than loud. Accessories, shoes and accent colors can be a great way to express yourself over bold prints. We want the images to be about you and your love story and reduce or eliminate anything that detracts from that. Choose 1-2 colors for your color palette, and then use those colors and variations of those colors for both you and your partner's outfit. You can create variations of those colors with darker or lighter shades, by using those same colors in a pattern or different texture or material. Materials make a big difference. Chiffon, rayon, linen, double knit, or silk, all tend to move, flow and photograph exceptionally well.

#4 spice it up with an accent color

A neutral base is the best place to start. Neutral tones are more flattering and cohesive. Like bold prints, bright colors can also be distracting. For your solid colors, pick one or two neutrals to start with and then add little accents of color if you want! The accent color is usually one piece of one outfit and will add that pop. You can geek out over color theory to pick the perfect accent color, but the rule of thumb is to choose a color that is in the same pallet but creates contrast with your base layer.

#5 - Consider the weather

Take a look at the weather forecast and bring a cute coat or jacket if it is going to be cold, raining or snowing. Being cold, hot, wet, etc. could make you feel uncomfortable. Take a look at the forecast and dress accordingly. There is nothing worse than being miserable during your photoshoot and although rescheduling is always an option, bring a cute jacket or sweater can be a life saver!