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Almost 4 years ago I went to a wedding that changed me. Our daughter was 6 months old at the time and my wife and I went as guests to a friend’s wedding. I had been to many weddings, and always loved and enjoyed attending and being apart, but this time it was different. After the ceremony the reception started, and when it came time for the father+daughter dance I was a puddle of emotions. I couldn’t help but see myself in the father’s shoes 20+ years from then. Holding my little girl. If even just a sliver, I had an idea of the love, and the pride and the sacrifice that it takes to be a dad and as they danced a dance they’d probably danced a thousand times as she grew up, something in me awoke to the realization that time is so short and so precious. For the first time my primary perspective was one of watching someone’s daughter getting married. The weight of that moment has never left me and it shows up most often through one of two moments. The first is every time my little girl asks me to dance with her. This is something I will never take for granted. And the second, is every time I get to capture someone’s daughter getting married. It is truly so special and so beautiful and deserves to be documented and remembered forever.

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