Broadmoor Proposal by David Massey Photography

Isabella & Garrett

Garrett and Isabella live in California and were high school sweethearts who grew more in love with the Lord and each other through the years. Growing up in Colorado Springs The Broadmoor Hotel became a favorite place for Garrett to come with his family around Christmas time - especially his favorite spot overlooking the lake, the hotel and the mountains. Garrett would often leave California to take vacations to Colorado to visit family. In December of 2023 the trip would be a bit more memorable. On December 27th of 2023 Garrett visited The Broadmoor to meet up with his family, but this time he brought Isabella with him. What Isabella did not know was that there was more to Garrett's plan that just a peaceful walk across the frozen lake outlined by the picturesque Broadmoor Hotel. They took a stroll, enjoying the Christmas decoration that still adorned the railing and lamp posts and Garrett began to reflect on his relationship with Isabella and what she meant to him. As they reached the exact spot with his favorite view he dropped to a knee and asked her to be his wife.

After she said yes ( and proceeded to jump around in excitement) and followed by her jaw dropping reaction to the ring on her finger- they finished their walk, but this time as fiancé and fiancée and to capture their engagement portraits. The views, the hotel and the magic of newly engaged energy lead to one of my favorite engagement sessions and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Congratulations to Garrett and Isabella who plan to get married in March of 2024 in California!